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Premier Commercial Construction Company in Michigan

Building commercial spaces is a complex endeavor, often riddled with unforeseen issues and challenges that can delay projects and elevate budgets. At Schonsheck, Inc., we are experts in managing the intricacies of commercial construction services. With our wealth of experience and technical skills, we offer comprehensive solutions to eliminate your construction woes.

Our team of general, commercial contractors excels in coordinating all aspects of the construction process, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience. From design to build-out, we will navigate the entire process for you, delivering impressive commercial properties every time.

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Commercial Design-Build

At Schonsheck, Inc., we provide an integrated design-build service where we fully own your project from conception to completion. With a team of expert designers and builders working in perfect unison, we streamline the process to ensure timely delivery without compromising quality.

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Commercial General Contracting

Our commercial general contracting services bring together diverse expertise and meticulous project management. Be it budgeting, scheduling, or quality control, entrust your project to Schonsheck, Inc. for an end-to-end solution that guarantees satisfaction.

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Commercial Construction

We offer top-notch commercial construction services that align with your business vision, regardless of your project’s scale or complexity. Schonsheck, Inc. ensures each building we construct not only looks impressive but also enhances functionality, cultivating an environment conducive to growth and success.

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Architectural Design

Whether you want a simple renovation or a complete commercial overhaul, our services can create a workspace tailored to your evolving needs. Schonsheck, Inc. delivers quality craftsmanship, creative designs, and diligently managed scheduling to guarantee a transformation that exceeds your expectations.

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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

For a rapid, reliable, and cost-effective building solution, consider our pre-engineered metal buildings. Our team of commercial builders offers custom design options and quick project turnaround.

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Permitting & Planning

By entrusting your permitting and planning needs to Schonsheck, Inc., you benefit from industry experience, keen attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge of local regulations. We navigate the complex regulatory landscape on your behalf, ensuring every aspect of your project complies and proceeds without any hitches.

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Setting New Standards in Commercial Construction Services

Reliability and trust form the foundation of any successful construction project. At Schonsheck, Inc., our accommodative commercial general contractors share this vision, providing personalized construction services that meet exact project specifications. We prioritize your project’s functionality, curating bespoke strategies that seamlessly align with your commercial goals and expectations. With us, your project isn’t just another number─it’s treated with the commitment and specialization it deserves.

Stepping into a completed Schonsheck, Inc. project, the difference is palpable. Our attention to detail, passion for quality, and resolve to push boundaries create powerful, unique spaces that accentuate your business’s identity. Every inch is crafted to maximize your investment while sidelining any potential vulnerabilities to your business’s bottom line.

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Unmatched Commercial Build-Out Capabilities

Expansion is an integral part of any business strategy. As your operations grow, so should your physical spaces. Schonsheck, Inc.’s commercial build-out capabilities can facilitate this growth, delivering high-quality workspaces that fit your specifications. We can handle every aspect of your build-out project, from concept to execution and everything in between.

Whether you plan to expand your office space with an addition, transform old facilities into usable spaces, or entirely renovate your commercial interior, we’ve got you covered. Our general contractors’ attention to detail, dedication, and years of experience creates a final product that supports your operations and business objectives.

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Start Building Your Businesses Legacy With Schonsheck, Inc. Commercial Contractors

Projects Built

That equals over one project per square mile in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Sq Ft Designed & Built

During our 38+ years in business, our teams are responsible for over $750M worth of construction.

Average Years Tenure

Every employee is a shareholder and invested in the quality of our operations.


Our creative, experienced, and dedicated employee owners have been satisfying clients since 1985.

Find the Ultimate Partner for Your Commercial Construction Needs

Schonsheck, Inc’s. commercial builders are adept at tackling a wide array of projects, spanning industries such as banking, healthcare, retail, industrial, and more. Every industry comes with its unique design requirements and build-out challenges. Our team of commercial contractors leverages their knowledge and experience to cater to these project requirements, delivering specialized solutions for each.

From designing cutting-edge healthcare facilities to constructing state-of-the-art retail outlets, our team’s versatility is showcased in every project. We thrive in delivering high-quality commercial construction projects without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

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Start Building Your Businesses Legacy With Schonsheck, Inc. (SI) Commercial Contractors

Whether you’re seeking design-build services, general contracting, commercial construction, architectural design, pre-engineered metal buildings, or assistance with permitting and planning, let Schonsheck, Inc. be your first and only call. Our reputation as a trusted commercial construction company in Wixom, MI is built on our longstanding commitment to delivering superior service, a seamless process, and unsurpassable results. Contact Schonsheck, Inc.’s general contractors today to get a free quote on your next commercial project!

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